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Ferranti Tapchanger navigation page
Ferranti DS2 Single Compartment Range
Ferranti Tapchangers D.C.3 series
Ferranti E.F.G.H models
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DC3 Series Outline Drawing
DC3 Outline Drawing
Ferranti DC3 inside image
Ferranti tapchanger series DC3 outside view
Ferranti DS2 inside view
Ferranti DS2 outside view
Ferranti Tapchanger Barrier Boards and Contacts
Ferranti tapchanger Moving contact arms
Ferranti tapchanger Plunger Boards
Ferranti tapchanger Mouldings
Ferranti tapchanger Spur Gears
Ferranti Tapchangers Gaskets
Ferranti EFGH Range Moving Contact Assembly
Ferranti EFGH range. Working on an FC selector switch
Ferranti EFGH range. A barrier board moulding of the 'bath tub' variety
Ferranti EFGH range. Tapchanger FC divertor switch contact assembly
Ferranti EFGH range. A Ferranti Tapchanger FC6 divertor switch assembly
Ferranti EFGH range. A Ferranti FC4 diverter switch support leg moulding.
Ferranti series E.F.G.H. range. An FC6 Ferranti Tapchanger shown with the divertor switch compartment open
Ferranti series E.F.G.H. tapchanger range.
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The FL Series of Ferranti High Speed on-Load Tapchanger
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