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Ferranti On-load Tapchangers have been supplied worldwide for over 60 years. The quality of the Ferranti transformer tapchanger is such that many of the earliest units are still in operation today.

Ferranti Tapchangers Limited provides complete new or fully refurbished tapchangers (tap changers), genuine tap changer spare parts, service and technical support to the power and utility industries as well as major international blue chip companies.

All types of Ferranti tap change gear are supported including single compartment, out of tank and rotary.
A wide range of OLTC tapchanger (tap changer) spare and replacement parts are held in stock including, but not limited to contacts, arcing contacts, fixed contacts, moving contacts, roller contacts and auxiliary contacts, selector switches and diverter switch mechanism components , timing gear parts, barrier boards, mouldings, gaskets, resistors, bushings, sight glasses, spur gears and switches.


 Ferranti On-Load Tapchangers have been supplied world wide for over 60 years. The quality of the Ferranti transformer tapchanger (tap changer) is such that many of the earliest manufactured units are still in operation giving excellent service today.

The "Ferranti" mark is recognised globally as one of the most successful power industry products. Our range of Ferranti Tapchangers have been operating successfully for over sixty years and with our help in the form of repair, service, maintenance, refurbishment, technical advice and the supply of genuine Ferranti spare parts and service kits there is no reason why our Ferranti Tapchangers (tap changers) should not continue to give excellent service for many years to come.

We at Ferranti Tapchangers Limited specialise only on our own Ferranti products and therefore we are able to give a unique and focused service encompassing the full range of Ferranti Tapchangers including types DC3, DS2, DS5, DS300, DS400, DS500, ES3, ES3/19, EC4, FC4, FC6, GC6, GC12, HR6, HR12, HD12, HD14, FL6, FL12, ST and Rotary Tapchangers.

As stated Ferranti Tapchangers have been manufactured since 1927 and in 1957 the first single chamber tapchanger was produced. Constant attention to detail brought Ferranti Tapchangers to the technical excellence shown in their specification. Their simplicity, compactness and rugged mechanical construction won them an unrivalled record of reliability in service and maintenance economy with every U.K. utility and with supply authorities in over 30 countries worldwide.
Ferranti Tapchangers have been built on many years of experience in the tapchanger field and embody many of the proven mechanical and electrical features which made Ferranti Tapchangers so popular with other transformer manufacturers in addition to Ferranti Transformers.

Our spare parts are manufactured to the original specifications and drawings. It is strongly recommended that only genuine Ferranti parts be used by customers. When ordering spare parts it is helpful that the tapchanger Serial Number and Works Order (W/O) number taken from the Tap Changer Nameplate is given in order that we can ensure that the correct Ferranti parts are supplied. Over the years subtle changes were introduced by the Ferranti team to develop and improve the Ferranti Tapchangers and your information would help to ensure compatibility.

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